Students at Redeemer Seminary quickly learn there are two buzz words that are sure to spark a passionate conversation with Dr. Adrian Smith: “meta-narrative” and “Chelsea.”

As Professor of New Testament and Hermeneutics, Dr. Smith spends most of his time exploring the overarching story of the Bible – the “meta-narrative” – with a focus on the New Testament. He seeks to help students “understand the narrative framework of the New Testament, which centers on Jesus’ story of life, death, resurrection, and ascension, through the lenses of Old Testament stories.” As Dr. Smith explained, “It is by seeing God’s big story of redemption that we can find our own place in that story, so we can live it out – that is, live out the Great Commission – by finding ways of conveying Jesus’ story with our culture.”

When not tracing the narrative of the Bible with students, Dr. Smith, being a loyal British citizen from London, can often be seen introducing students to the wonders of traditional football, or soccer. An avid supporter of the Chelsea Football Club, he will gladly discuss the latest developments in the team’s season with anyone who is interested. He is much more reluctant, though, to tell students about his personal success on the pitch. In his home sits a trophy from the 2009 Division 6 Championship, which he won with Dallas Celtic FC.

In addition to teaching at Redeemer and playing soccer whenever he can, Dr. Smith, an ordained minister of the gospel in the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church (ARP), serves at Cristo Rey Presbyterian Church (PCA). There, he preaches occasionally, ministers the sacraments, assists with elder training, and teaches 2nd and 3rd grade Sunday school. When not serving in these capacities, he enjoys going out for gelato with his wife and daughter.