Anglican Studies

Redeemer Seminary stands in an historical, confessional, theological and ecclesiastical context. While standing in that context, Redeemer seeks to pursue its mission among and alongside all who recognize its mission and core values, making “every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace” (Eph 4:2-4). This unity does not imply uniformity; rather true unity entails mutual respect and consideration of a variety of gifts, differences in context, and variation of worship styles within the body.

Redeemer is dedicated to serving the church in preparing disciples of Jesus Christ for ordained and non-ordained gospel ministry. The seminary is part of the church of Christ, but is not organized as a particular church and it recognizes that ordination of church officers is the responsibility of particular churches. Redeemer is dedicated to fulfilling its mission and degree program objectives according to its core values for all of its students and encourages students to discern their qualifications for ordination in the context of their church.

Students from diverse ecclesiastical backgrounds choose to study at Redeemer because they are seeking a rigorous theological education at an institution that is both Reformed and Confessional in emphasis. As a seminary, we embrace this diversity as a unique opportunity to minister to the larger body of Christ.

The M.Div. program curriculum is designed to prepare students generally for ministry and for ordination in a particular church. While the core curriculum of the M.Div. prepares a student for ministry in general, the seminary offers courses preparing students to serve in particular churches, including Presbyterian, Anglican, Baptist, other denominations and independent churches.

Recognizing that many of our students come to us from churches standing in the Anglican tradition, we want to ensure that we are preparing them for future ministry in their particular ecclesiastical setting. To that end, we are pleased to offer courses leading to an M.Div. with a Certificate in Anglican Studies. The goal of these studies is to equip these students in Reformed theology while also imparting an Anglican vision of the church and ministry. To support this Certificate, Redeemer offers a variety of courses that include focused study in the Anglican tradition.