Austin Campus

Redeemer Seminary’s Austin Campus is centrally located just minutes east of downtown Austin. Established in 2010, the Austin Campus is growing with students from all over Central Texas and throughout the country. Austin is the fastest growing city in America, and the Seminary Campus is growing at an incredible rate as well. With a diverse culture that emphasizes ministerial preparation, the Austin Campus is a great fit for seminarians to experience ministry and receive training. We hope that you get to know the culture of both the Campus and the great city of Austin.


The intimacy of our campus makes it a great place for theological education. The space allows for relationships to grow; to discuss and do theology with friends and professors over lunch or coffee. We want these relationships to grow not just during seminary, but throughout a lifetime of ministry together.
We welcome new students from a variety of different churches and denominational backgrounds. The learning community of Austin is important, and we encourage students to continue training for a lifetime of ministry with future leaders from different Christian backgrounds. We believe that learning together in preparation for ministry is important as we seek to model the reality of the coming Kingdom of God where all Christians are united as one body of Christ.

“It has been so good to learn alongside brothers and sisters who are different form me. I have been inspired to meet fellow believers from other denominations who have a deep love for Christ and his Word.” – Redeemer Austin student John Trapp


Many people ask why our Austin campus is located inside a local church. Our answer is simple: as a seminary we seek to funnel all possible resources into the lives our people, both students and professors. This focuses our attention on lowering tuition costs and providing scholarships for our students to avoid loans and debt altogether. We look to provide a learning experience taught by a faculty united by the common goal of training disciples of Jesus to spread his gospel.
As brothers and sisters in Christ we are a family. We want the atmosphere of our campus to reflect that dynamic as we live life together. This type of space keeps all of us close together rather than scattered across a large campus. Throughout the week, our students not only spend life together in their studies, but also through a variety of social activities: from BBQs and pub nights at one of the numerous pubs in Austin, to bowling and family days in some of Austin’s beautiful parks.

The City

As the fastest growing city in America, Austin isn’t slowing down. With the business, technology, social, and entertainment industries moving to Austin, they are bringing the world with them. The plurality of worldviews, ideas, and religions offer an incredible context for being trained for ministry. Theological education in Austin can equip someone to move anywhere in the world by exposing them to ministry in the most diverse settings.

The spirit of innovation pervades the culture of the city – Austin attracts people with big dreams and ideas. Simply put, people move to Austin to change the world.

Plenty to Do and Places to Go

Throughout the semester there is always something going on. Whether a seminary BBQ or retreat, or dinner and pub night with a professor, people are always spending time together. The culture of Austin provides so many unique restaurants, pubs, and parks to get together.

Places to Live

While we do not provide housing for our students, our campus is conveniently located near places students can live and minister.
The campus is next to anything you could want to do. When you apply we will give you all the resources to find a great apartment nearby and help you get acquainted with Austin.

The Church

At Redeemer we make it very clear: we exist to serve the Church. The Church in Austin has many challenges to face as it ministers in a context that is rapidly growing and constantly changing. But with these challenges comes great opportunity. The innovation of Austin as a city has extended into the life of the Church as ministries and churches are uniting to reach the city with the gospel in new and culturally sensitive ways.

People are constantly moving to Austin due to employment, entertainment, or education. The transitional nature of the city requires that the Church meet these people wherever they are. The energy of the Church needs to match and exceed the energy of the City. There is a great need for ministry in Austin. In 2010, the average national rate for churches is 12 churches for every 10,000 people. In Austin it is only 4.75. At Redeemer we seek to help alleviate this need by providing the Church with men and women trained with an incarnational approach to theology and mission to serve the city. Come be a part of what God is doing in Austin to build and equip his Church. See yourself in Austin.