Certificate of Christian Studies


The following list contains the requirements for completing the Certificate of Christian Studies

Fall Courses
PT011 Orientation to Theological Studies (1)
PT111 Spiritual Life (2)
ST101 Revelation, Scripture & Epistemology (3)

Spring Course
BT123 Hermeneutics (4)

Total Core (10)

Plus Electives (14)

Total Credit Hours (24)

24 credit hours | 1 Year

Certificate Description

A Certificate in Christian Studies program is offered for men and women who desire graduate-level courses from Redeemer but do not desire to enter a degree program.

Admission Requirements

Admission to the certificate program requires the same qualifications as admission for the M.Div. program. Registration, tuition charges, and all academic procedures and prerequisites are also the same.

Completion Requirements

The Certificate will be earned after the completion of 24 credit hours of M.A.(Religion) or M.Div. courses. All courses in the Certificate program must be taken under the auspices of Redeemer Seminary.  Greek and Hebrew are not approved for credit toward the Certificate program. As with other degree programs, these languages do not count toward required credit hours. Language work was not the intention of the Certificate program.

Continuing Your Education

Students who earn a Certificate in Christian Studies from Redeemer Seminary and desire to apply this work toward a Master of Divinity or Master of Arts in Religion degree must surrender the Certificate prior to graduation.

Financial Aid

Financial aid is not available to participants in this program, and in most cases international students cannot be granted visas for participating in this program.