BT101D Biblical Canon OT Syllabus 2015

BT101D Reading Dempster 1
BT101D Reading Dempster 2
BT101D Biblical_Canon_NT_Syllabus_2015 – Revised September 9

BT101 NT Portion Reading Packet
CH211D Ancient Church Syllabus

CH321D Modern Church Syllabus Dallas

CH411 Patristic Interpretation Syllabus 2015

NT211 Gospels Syllabus 2015

NT211 Gospels Reading List
NT311D Syllabus Johannine Lit

NT311D Reading Packet 1
NT311D Reading Packet 2
OT211D OT History and Theology I Syllabus 2015

OT311D Songs and Wisdom Syllabus Fantuzzo

PT011D Syllabus 2015-2016 [Dallas]

PT301D Reading Packet 1
PT301D Reading Packet 2
PTC211D Biblical Counseling Syllabus following same material as former PT361

PTC211D A Framework for Biblical Counseling and Soul Care
PTC211D Biblical Counseling Reading List
PTM212 Syllabus 2016

PTM261 Urban Apologetics

PTW261 Western Sacred Music Syllabus

PTW261 Western Sacred Music Reading List
ST101D Revelation, Scripture Syllabus 2015-2016 [Dallas]

ST211 Redemption Accomplished Syllabus