Dallas Campus

Dallas is home to Redeemer’s first campus, centrally located just three minutes north of downtown. As the second fastest growing city in the nation Dallas provides a great blend of affordability and quality of life.
Choosing the right seminary for you is a very important decision. But what about the city the seminary is in? We Love Dallas. We Think You Will Too.

The City


In Dallas you will find all kinds of people from all walks of life. It’s a sports city, it’s a food city, it’s a corporate city – whatever you are into you can find it.

The business sector of Dallas brings people from all over the world. Dallas ranks third with the most Fortune 500 companies in the US, bringing jobs, diversity and culture throughout the DFW Metroplex.

International Culture

Texas has become the top state for Refugee Resettlement and Dallas County ranks second. Five miles from the seminary over 50,000 refugees live in Vickery Meadows. Throughout the city there are pockets of diverse cultures where you can experience the life of a completely different culture from Asia to Africa.

A Place To Move And Minister

We love the city of Dallas. Being in the heart of the city we believe that students can come not simply to be educated, but to be a part of what God is doing here to extend his kingdom while being trained.

With the life and culture the city offers, you don’t have to travel the world to experience it. The world has come here.


Throughout the DFW Metroplex there are a number of great cultural centers. Whether you enjoy an urban pace in the heart of the city, or streets with a local feel, you can find it. 

From live music venues, local breweries and eateries, to soda shops, there are plenty of places to go and people to meet.

Investing in People, Not Places

Many people ask why our Dallas campus is located on the 7th floor of commercial space. Our answer is simple: as a seminary we seek to funnel all resources possible into the lives our people, both students and professors.
This focuses our attention on lowering tuition costs and providing scholarships for our students to avoid loans and debt altogether. We look to provide a learning experience with a faculty assembled with the common goal of training disciples of Jesus to spread his gospel.

As brothers and sisters in Christ we are a family. We want the atmosphere of our campus to reflect that dynamic as we live life together. This type of space keeps all of us close together rather than scattered across a large campus. You come across students and professors as you grab a coffee, eat lunch, or study in the library. Our resources are used to ensure that life and learning happen together.

The 6060 Deli: On the first floor of our building is the 6060 Deli that services the whole building. The Deli provides us with our meals for Taco Thursday before Chapel. It’s a great place to grab breakfast before class too.

Plenty to Do

The Campus is located next door to some of our favorite restaurants and pubs.

Whether you like tacos from Torchy’s or one of Dallas’ best burgers from Twisted Root, it’s just a short walk away to take a break in between classes.

Places to Live

While we do not provide housing for our students we are located less than 5 minutes from dozens of apartment complexes where many of our students live.

These areas are safe conveniently located next to anything you could want to do. When you apply we will give you all the resources to find a great apartment nearby.