God’s Story – Learning the Story that Defines Everything

Who God Is

Seminary is a place to be transformed by the awesome power of the gospel to become a better servant of Jesus Christ. At Redeemer, preparing for ministry is a personal experience within a community of believers where you learn and understand the details of God’s story to better understand your own.
From Genesis to Revelation, the Bible is about Jesus Christ. We don’t believe the gospel begins in Matthew. Rather, the story begins with Genesis 1:1.

Here God begins to tell how He himself is the source and means of Creation and Redemption. This is the great story of scripture – that God has redeemed his people through the person and work of Jesus Christ for His glory alone.

Who We Are

As the Bible shows us Jesus, it shows us who we are. We are dependent and fallen sinners, yet we are created in the image of God. Only in Christ do we find freedom from sin and restoration into his likeness.

At Redeemer, we believe the gospel story from Genesis to Revelation is the great story that defines all things. Scripture tells that story through a kaleidoscope of themes: