Life At Redeemer

Created for Community – Theology in Real Life

We are created for community. God Himself is community existing as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Being created in God’s image means that our need for community is at the very core of who we are. At Redeemer we see ourselves as a learning community. We seek to live out our calling to bear the image of our Creator to each other and to the world.

Theological study is right, necessary, and good, but it must affect our everyday life – from community and casseroles, to friends and football, diapers and daily bread. In other words, our lives are the ultimate measure of our theological understanding.

A Common Space

Sharing Life Together

Common Calling. Common Space.

The environment at Redeemer is intentionally designed so that students and professors share a common space. Instead of being in separate buildings or floors, we are committed to putting everything together by getting to know each other through a cup of coffee, lunch, and everyday conversations.

Our hope is that the community and welcoming atmosphere our students experience here is an example of the community they will go on to create in their churches and ministries. As brothers and sisters in Christ, we are a family, and we want the environment at Redeemer to reflect that wonderful reality.

We are aware of the stereotype of seminary being like a “cemetery.” This of course implies that seminary is the place where vibrant faith goes to die. But we actually believe the complete opposite – seminary should be a place that excites, impassions, and energizes a seminarian’s faith in Jesus.
Theological study is not the end in itself, rather it is a means by which we grow in maturity, love, and devotion in our walk with Jesus. It is a means by which we learn and invite others deeper into relationship with him.

Therefore, we strive to create an environment for the flourishing of faith in Jesus, rather than the death of it. The learning community should be marked by honesty, friendship, prayer, worship, mission, and above all, love.

Community Life: Devotion. Groups. Events.

Practicing Our Faith Together

Community Worship: Chapel

Once a week everything at Redeemer comes to a stop in order for the community to worship together. In worship we hear God’s words to us and respond back to him in prayer, song, and confession.

Our weekly chapel service is organized and led by the student body. Local pastors come to preach our chapel services as well as students, alumni, and Redeemer faculty.
Community Prayer: Growing in Devotion

At Redeemer Seminary we desire for our students to grow in their own personal vision for sanctification as they learn to follow Jesus.
With community prayer and community groups we seek to provide space for relationships to flourish but also devotion to become a part of each student’s relationships.

Community Meals: Taco Thursday

Every week before chapel the seminary community comes together to eat lunch before worshiping together.


Growing In Grace Together

Community Groups are a way to facilitate relationships within the seminary community. Redeemer seeks to provide gender specific Community Groups to allow even deeper relationships to grow among our student body. These groups are designed to be able to share struggles in a safe and confidential environment to create opportunities for openness and honesty.
In addition to the gender specific Community Groups, Redeemer provides Community Groups that are not gender specific; this is partially done to provide new students and their spouses the opportunity to form relationships with other students that will help them get settled into seminary life.

Our goal is to create an environment that gives space for deep relationships to take place and grow into lifelong relationships that will last for a lifetime of ministry.