Master of Divinity

99 credit hours | 3 Years

Degree Description

The Master of Divinity (MDiv) is a degree designed to educate candidates for full-time ministry. You are educated in biblical languages, biblical and systematic theology, counseling, apologetics, and church history with additional electives to best prepare you for the many challenges of a lifetime of ministry.

Degree Requirements

The following list contains the requirements for completing the Greek portion of the curriculum.

Beginning the Program

Students entering the program are strongly advised to begin their work with the summer term Greek or Hebrew course unless they previously have completed the equivalent of the work in one of these languages.

Students not needing to take one of these languages should begin in the first semester in order to finish their program in the designated time. Students will be permitted to begin their program in winter term or in second semester; however, by starting mid-year, students will usually need to extend the length of time for completion of the degree requirements.

Degree Breakdown

Core Courses + Electives + Mentored Ministry = 99 Credit Hours