Kingdom Hope Conference

Tuesday, October 18, 2016  |  8:00 am – 5:00 pm
Park Cities Baptist Church  |  3933 West Northwest Highway
Dallas, Texas

You are invited to a Redeemer Seminary conference: Kingdom Hope for All the World, where you will hear internationally known theologians, authors, pastors, teachers and artists share innovative thinking and broad ministry trends about presenting the Gospel through art, film and music. The message of the Gospel is timeless and unchanging…but the media available to take the message to men changes constantly, and create opportunities to reach people in new ways. Topics will include:

•    The Gospel and the Media
•    The Gospel and Film
•    The Gospel Through Jazz
•    Diversity in Music and Worship
•    The History of Worship and Music
•    Ethnodoxology
•    Art and the Church
•    Ethnic Variations in Worship

Join us for lectures, panels, discussions and Q&A sessions to learn how God is blessing creative, out-of-the-box methods of telling Christ’s story…and allow God to prompt your own creativity in ministry areas!

Internationally Known Speakers, Authors and Artists

•    Dr. Steve Bagby
•    Rev. Martin Ban
•    Mr. Stephen Carrell
•    Mr. J. Marty Cope
•    Mr. Brandon Davidson
•    Dr. Pete Deison
•    Dr. Sinclair Ferguson
•    Mr. Ryan Flanagan
•    Keith and Kristyn Getty
•    The Getty Irish Band
•    Dr. Robin Harris
•    Dr. Paul Neeley
•    Mr. Andrew Russell
•    Dr. Drew Trotter