From Past To Present

A Tradition Of Training Pastors

Redeemer Seminary stands in a tradition of theological education that reaches back to the United States’ origins, beginning with seventeenth-century pastors who took students under their oversight and guided their reading.

The first colleges in the United States were established for the training of pastors, including what became Princeton Seminary in New Jersey. It was in Princeton that one of the first graduate theological schools in the country was founded by the Presbyterian Church.

Continuing The Reformed Tradition

Princeton excelled under the leadership of distinguished teachers—among them A.A. Hodge, B.B. Warfield, Charles Hodge, and J. Gresham Machen—who devoted themselves vigorously and effectively to the development, propagation, and maintenance of the Reformed faith.

As a result of the reorganization of Princeton Seminary in 1929, four of its professors founded Westminster Seminary in Philadelphia in order to continue teaching and shaping students in the Reformed tradition.

Continuing To Serve The Church

serve-the-church-redeemer-seminaryRedeemer began as Westminster Seminary’s extension campus in Dallas. As an independent seminary since 2009, and with an additional campus in Austin, we are able to come alongside and serve the life of the local church in those cities so that men and women who desire further theological training do not have to leave their ministries in order to do so.

Our aim is to be an aid to the Church, to whom and by whom God tells his great story of the redemption of people for Himself and the renewal of creation, in its holy mission.

Board Of Trustees

Rev. Martin Ban
President – Dallas, TX

Mr. Jack Denman
Chairman – Dallas, TX

Mr. John Vandercook
Treasurer – Dallas, TX

Mr. Joel Howard
Secretary – Austin, TX

Mr. Bradford L. Bradley
Trustee – Dallas, TX

Rev. A. Craig Chapman
Trustee – Trinity Presbyterian Church, Rye, NY

Mr. Hugh Comer
Trustee – Dallas, TX

Rev. Mark Davis
Trustee – Park Cities Presbyterian Church, Dallas, TX


Mr. Glen (Tim) Dorr
Trustee – Manchaster, MA

Rev. Tim Frickenschmidt
Trustee – All Saints Presbyterian Church, Austin, TX

Mr. Russell Johnson
Trustee – Dallas, TX

Mr. Russell Kelley
Trustee – Houston, TX

Dr. Tyler Martin
Trustee – Lincoln, NE

Mr. A. Starke (Tracy) Taylor, III
Trustee – Dallas, TX

Mr. Blake Woodall
Trustee – Dallas, TX