Our Story

God’s Mission is Our Mission

Our story at Redeemer Seminary only makes sense when situated and rooted within God’s story. Our mission serves the ultimate mission of God, as His kingdom expands in the world through the life of the Church.

As ministers of the gospel, God calls us to retell creatively his story in new places, cultures, and contexts.

At Redeemer, we hope to play our small part in that mission. Our learning community engages students in a quest for Christian wisdom, equipping students for transformative roles in the Church’s ministry of reconciliation and renewal.

We desire to train men and women whose lives and imaginations are shaped by the gospel story, who can tell God’s story of redemption in Christ, faithfully and contextually, in word and action.

This demands intimate knowledge of the contours of God’s story. We must experience God’s shaping us into Christ’s image in every corner of our lives.

Encountering the Gospel

Therefore, seminary is a place where your story and God’s story come together. A community where you can learn more about the great story of Jesus Christ from Genesis to Revelation, while learning to live it out in the local church.

Seminary is more than a classroom. It is where we encounter the awesome power of gospel, that we might wisely and humbly offer ourselves as living sacrifices in the service of Jesus Christ.