We Need Your Partnership

Through Redeemer Seminary, donors are investing in the formation of students for ministry who will serve in Christ’s church and kingdom. Tuition paid by students covers only a fraction of the actual cost of a seminary education. On average, Redeemer student tuition covers only one-fourth of the cost of providing the education.

Partner With Us

Redeemer Seminary is committed to keeping a student’s tuition expense as low as possible and encourages students to “pay as they go” rather than accumulating debt which may hinder them in future ministry. The generosity of donors supports the primary cost of providing the seminary education so that students are not burdened with debt upon graduation.

We pray for and invite your partnership in preparing students for church and kingdom ministry. If you would like to know more about supporting the ministry of Redeemer Seminary, please contact the Executive Director of Ministry Resources, Rachelle Hast, at (214) 528-8600 or by email at rhast@redeemer.edu.


Volunteer at Redeemer

Double your Impact! Volunteer grant programs are charitable giving programs set up by corporations. Companies provide monetary donations to eligible nonprofits such as Redeemer Seminary as a way to recognize employees who volunteer. These grants enable corporations to give back to their communities and support organizations that employees are already passionate about.

Hundreds of companies offer volunteer grant programs with donations generally ranging from $10-$15 per hour volunteered. Volunteer grant programs are an easy way for volunteers to provide an additional monetary contribution without having to take out their checkbooks. If you’re already volunteering with Redeemer Seminary or considering it please take a few minutes to check if your employer or your spouse’s employer offers grants for volunteering – grants that could equal additional donations for student scholarships.