Scholarships at Redeemer Seminary

Ministry will offer plenty of challenges on its own. Paying off debt from seminary shouldn’t be one of them. At Redeemer we are devoted to keeping costs as low as possible by providing scholarships.

General Scholarships 10%-50%

Redeemer Seminary will prayerfully consider all financial aid applications: calling, character and true financial need are the qualifiers that will play a role in determining a student’s eligibility and the awarding of scholarships.

Based on the application

  • Full time students (minimum of 12 hours) may be awarded a scholarship of up to 50% off of tuition
  • Part time students (minimum of 6 hours) may be awarded a scholarship of up to 25% off of tuition
  • The student must be accepted into a degree program. (MDiv, MAR)

100% Spouse Scholarship

The call to ministry affects both husband and wife. We want every student and their spouse to have every opportunity to learn together to be prepared for ministry. Therefore, we offer a full scholarship for spouses regardless of program or course. Get two degrees for the cost of one; it’s that simple.


  • This scholarship is available to all spouses of full-time students.
  • Admission requirements are the same for those receiving a spouse scholarship
  • The scholarship ends when the paying spouse graduates, drops below full time status or withdraws from school.