Stephen Bagby

Stephen has taught at Redeemer since 2012 and loves the overall environment of the school. He likes the students’ nuanced and rigorous thinking as well as their desire to apply their learning on a daily basis. He enjoys introducing students to various people and movements throughout church history and showing how assumptions and context shape one’s theology.

Stephen received a Bachelor of Arts from the University of North Texas with a double major in economics and political science, a Master of Theology from Dallas Theological Seminary with a concentration in historical theology, and a PhD in theology from Durham University. His expertise is in early church history and theology, specifically the theology of Origen of Alexandria.

When not teaching at Redeemer, Stephen can be found spending time with his wife, Sarah, and his son, Bede—named after the eighth century English church historian. Stephen serves at New St. Peter’s Presbyterian Church (PCA) where he teaches adult and children’s Sunday school classes. He also enjoys reading, traveling, and watching sports.