Redeemer Seminary Center for Worship and Music

To advance worship of the Triune God by providing training, resources, research, and edification in the history, principles, and practice of worship and music, all in accordance with Scripture.

Growing in Worship

Reflecting the glory of God
When the body of Christ joins together in song, it joins many generations of saints who have gone before, and it also models the beautiful unity and diversity of the Lord’s church. Historically, music has been understood to have powerful effects upon the emotions and intellect. We instinctively understand this power; imagine a wedding, funeral, or even a movie completely devoid of music. And then imagine a funeral with wedding music, or a wedding with funeral music; we also possess an innate recognition of what is appropriate for various occasions.

There have been many significant conversations over the centuries about music’s role in corporate worship. We worship a beautiful and glorious Savior, and the church bears great responsibility to ensure that all elements of worship—including music—reflect such beauty and glory.

Music shapes and captivates us, so we must ask ourselves how music in corporate worship molds our understanding of God. Does this music point to Christ? Does this music cause God’s people to long for eternal glory? Music in corporate worship should glorify God and edify the church, and RCWM seeks to train men and women in this endeavor.

RCWM exists for seminarians, musicians, music directors, church leaders, and congregants who wish to grow in their understanding of music’s role within corporate worship. Those actively involved in church leadership may audit individual courses free of charge. One of the primary ways the RCWM furthers its mission is through Redeemer Seminary’s Master of Arts (Religion) – Worship & Music degree.