Invited to Gospel Community

Reading the book of Acts, we see God calling his people from every tribe, tongue, and nation. We see an Ethiopian eunuch, a Roman Centurion, Jews, and Gentiles alike. We see how God calls individuals into his community of faith for the sake of His kingdom.
Seminary offers us a glimpse of this, as we see people from different walks of life and backgrounds coming together to serve Jesus. At Redeemer, you will contribute to this diversity by bringing your own unique story into our community. We are not a collection of individuals – we are a community of learners devoted to God and to one another.

I think I had an understanding about the Christian faith that had to do with me and Jesus.... now i’m seeing that we’re all part of this one big story that Jesus has anticipated, has fulfilled and has redeemed. What we hope for is all part of this one big story.

Take the Journey

Entering seminary allows time to discern your own calling and desires for ministry. To ask questions, listen, and learn more about what God may be calling you to do. Luke 24 paints an amazing picture of how we learn together: we are on a journey with one another, searching for more of Jesus. All of us in some way take that Journey to Emmaus, as Jesus opens our eyes, revealing how all the plotlines of history converge on Him. We invite you to join us, that together we may search the scriptures humbly, hungry, and hoping, knowing that Jesus Christ is all in all.